Indore: A Town with an Urban yet Classy Appeal

The charm of Indore is in the city’s famous urban appeal and the traditional values and architecture that this city holds. Indore is a mix of urban lifestyle and highly preserved rich cultural heritage.

Commercial Capital of India

Today, Indore is a city that is helping the country and modernising itself with rapid growth. While the main city still has a traditional appeal, the new Indore is moving fast and helping India get fantastic industrial growth. If you are searching for luxury hotels in Indore, then Effotel Indore is a choice of pure luxury.

Here are some of the places you must visit while in Indore:

Rajwada – A magnificent palace with great historical significance, this palace was built 200 years ago by the Holkars. The structure is seven stories tall and provides pure grandeur and perfection in its architectural skills. In the famous Kajuri market, this palace stands out from the whole area. This Rajwada Palace is in two areas. The newer palace lies in the north of the city while the old Rajwada Palace is in the old city of Indore.

While nesting in the beautiful Kajuri Bazaar and standing in the main square of the city, the Rajwada Palace also has beautiful luscious gardens, where you will find the statue of Queen Ahilya Bai, some fantastic fountains and artificial waterfall.

Annapurna Temple – The Annapurna Temple is the home of pilgrimage and a beautiful destination for tourists. Generally built to worship God Annapurna, the temple is also the shrine for Lord Hanuman, Sivan and Kalbhairav.

As soon as you enter the temple premises, you will be greeted with the life-size statues of Elephants. The beauty of this temple is shown in the way its architectural beauty is performed. This architectural beauty is the main attraction of tourists all over the country.

Gommat Giri – A site of pilgrimage for Jain People, this place is just 10 min away from the airport. The temple is famous for the statue of Gomateshwar that is 21 ft high. The main statue is at the hill.

Lal Bagh Palace – From the Holkar Dynasty, the Lal Bagh Palace is the place for pure grandeur and class. The palace is spread across an area of 28 acres and this palace surely reflects the taste of Holkar Dynasty.

This palace is a true marvel of architectural magnificence and once there was a beautiful rose garden inside the palace, but today that garden is nowhere to be seen. Indore has great places for tourism but this one is surely a sight to be seen. This palace is situated on the Khan River. The initiation of the building was done in 1886 by Tukaji Rao Holkar. It took around 35 years to complete this palace.

Kanch Mandir – This temple is beautiful and all the walls inside the temple are made up of glass. The beautiful and exquisite glasswork is really phenomenal in this Jain Temple, and it shows the pure dedication and talent of the artists.

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